Official UK retailer for implant grade titanium body jewellery from QualiTI September 20, 2015 13:30 1 Comment

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We are proud to announce that Emba Mods are now the official UK retailer for implant grade titanium body jewellery from the awesome QualiTI

QualiTi body jewellery produce stunning body jewellery using high quality safe ASTM F136 implant grade titanium and bezel set only the finest swarovski crystals and superior synthetic opals. No glue or foils are used in this jewellery resulting in exceptional quality body jewellery that is not only completely safe for your piercings but also possesses a dazzling shine that will last.

Originally only supplied to a selected few body piercers, we are now able to announce that we are the official retailer for this beautiful implant grade titanium body jewellery that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Externally Threaded QualiTi Body Jewellery

What are the benefits of wearing ASTM F136 implant grade titanium?

High quality ASTM F136 implant grade titanium has excellent biocompatibility and is used for many surgical implants. ASTM F136 titanium has a tight-knit-bonded structure resulting in a smoother surface finish and a material that will not break down in your piercing.

Externally Threaded QualiTi Body Jewellery

Real Swarovski crystals and high quality opals, over generic crystals/opals?

The shine of cheaper generic crystals comes from a laying foil behind a rhinestone to enhance its sparkle. They are easily scratched, can become dull and colourless over time and, due to the use of glue to set them, often fall out completely.

Lower quality and cheaper synthetic opals often lack the superior shine and iridescence of the opals used in QualiTi body jewellery. QualiTi body jewellery use high quality stones like Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and exceptional quality synthetic opals. They are carefully set using prong or bezel settings, without the need to use a drop of glue to ensure the jewellery can be worn continuously for many years.

Opals and Swarovski QualiTi Jewellery Attachments

Why ‘synthetic’ Opals and not ‘real’ Opals?

We use the term synthetic for the opals used as they are not Opals that have been excavated from the earth. Instead they have been created within a laboratory environment under the same conditions and using the same minerals that produce ‘real’ Opals. The Opals used are created under lab conditions so that full control over the Opals creation can be achieved including colour and size variations, more uniform and desired varieties can be achieved this way.

Why we stock both internally threaded and externally threaded body jewellery?

The most common type of threaded jewellery used in the UK and Europe is externally threaded body jewellery. Although the implant grade titanium used is the same as the internally threaded jewellery we stock from QualiTi, the externally threaded jewellery has a slightly lower price due to less advanced machining costs but still has the same excellent high quality.

The difference between internally & externally threaded body jewellery is that the threaded end on internally threaded jewellery is inside the post, and on externally threaded jewellery it is on the exterior of the post. See diagram below

internal and external threaded diagram

Given the choice between internally and externally threaded jewellery we would recommend internally threaded (jewellery style dependant).

Internally threaded body jewellery does cost a little more to produce than externally threaded jewellery due to more advanced machining techniques required, however choosing internally threaded body jewellery provides you with a mirror finish polish right to the end of the jewellery post/bar. As the thread is inside the post/bar there is no chance of the thread catching and possibly irritating your piercing.

Our constantly growing selection

We will be working closely with the fabulous people at QualiTi to provide you with high quality showpiece body jewellery that we guarantee you’ll love.

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