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About Us

We Are Emba Mods

We are Emba Mods, one of the first UK body jewellery retailers to offer our customers medically sterilised and sealed jewellery straight to your door. 

We are based in South Wales and are passionate members of the body modification community. Along with experience in the arts, management and almost 10 years’ experience in the retail industry, our dedication to our customers is the driving force behind everything we do. We work closely with local piercers and have great relationships with our accredited suppliers to ensure we only offer the best for you.

So what was the driving force behind Emba Mods? Feeling frustrated with buying tarnished jewellery that’s been handled numerous times before it arrived in the post/handed over the counter to us, we wanted things to change. Depending on jewellery material, we use an autoclave (medical sterilisation unit) to clean our jewellery before it gets to you. Being heavily modified ourselves, we’ve bought our fair share of body jewellery over the years. We’ve lost money and collected several pieces of unworn jewellery that we have been unable to return. So we always endeavour to offer quality jewellery with an excellent returns'/exchange policy as everything we sell arrives in sealed packaging.

After all, you care about your body, and so do we.

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