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Silicone healing donuts - piercing aftercare


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A brand new addition to our ever expanding range - Piercing aftercare

Silicone healing donuts (also called healing discs) can aid in the healing of fresh piercings through preventing irritation and making jewellery more comfortable. Can help prevent jewellery becoming embedded within fresh piercings, can make swollen piercings more comfortable by spreading the pressure of the jewellery. Can also be used to help reduce the size of hypertrophic scarring - often mistakenly called 'keloids'.

Made from implant grade silicone.

Ethelene Oxide sterlized

Supplied in pairs (2 pieces)

Approx dimensions;
3mm diameter
0.8mm thickness
0.6mm inner diameter

7mm diameter
1.2mm thickness
1.4mm inner diameter

Fitting guide; 
Small - 0.8mm - 1.2mm jewellery
Large - 1.6mm jewellery

If you have a trouble piercing, that never quite feels healed or you have developed a 'bump' (commonly found on nostril, cheek, cartilage piercings ) these silicone healing donuts really are worth trying, nobody likes having to retire a piercing.

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