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Titanium Opal Trio Attachment


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Titanium Opal Trio Attachment - 3 Opal Cabochons around a titanium centre disc.

Colours available:

  • Peacock Blue - 3 Peacock Blue Faux-Pal Cabochons. Different hues of blue & green. 
  • Moon Yellow (Halo Collection) - 3 Moon Yellow Faux-Pal Cabochons. Different hues of yellow, teal, green & orange.  
  • Sleepy Lavender (Halo Collection) - 3 Sleepy Lavender Faux-Pal Cabochons. Different hues of purple, teal, blue & pink. 
  • Angel Skin - 3 Angel Skin Faux-Pal cabochons. Different hues of pink, yellow, blue, teal, green & purple.

These beautiful trio attachments are all hardware set, without the use of any glue so if proper care is taken these pieces will last for many years. Opals are prong set.

ASTM-F136 Implant Grade Titanium

Internally Threaded


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